Swanmesh Network Ltd has been aiming to supply a whole wireless video surveillance solution for small enterprises and individuals with a limited budget for security surveillance, and paves the way for advanced practices in their information management. Making video available on the network and an integral part of the data sources available to users will enable them to make faster, more proactive, and better informed decisions.

The solution mainly includes our HawkCam® wireless surveillance cameras and software (Trade Mark NO.: UK00002646567), the surveillance network composed by our wireless Swanmesh routers . The other components including the network, storage and servers are all standard IT equipment.



  • Wireless IP Camera

pack list                                      hawkcam-outdoor

  • Surveillance Router


  • Surveillance Software

Through our surveillance software, users can easily monitor their properties or anything they want. Common cameras in the market only supply the desktop surveillance software, but with the dramatically increasing mobile devices in recent two years, the demand on mobile surveillance application is rising up. Therefore, we also offer the free mobile app for Android users. Further work in relation to the business specific needs will be undertaken in this matter to increase future profitability of the business.


In addition to providing security surveillance system, Swanmesh Networks offers the following services:
– Customised software service: add/modify some modules of our surveillance software to match specific business requirements, which will include analysis of customer requirements in light of their hardware, software and network provision
– Cloud surveillance service: store/backup videos for customer to cut off their costs of video record devices.
– Communication with customers on up to date IT systems and emerging technologies in relation to surveillance through cameras.