Products Introduction
HawkCam HawkCam is a new series of IP/Wireless cameras for video surveillance released by Swanmesh Networks LTD. Combining the strong networking and motion detection technologies from Swanmesh and high-quality optical lenses and manufacturing process from our partners, the HawkCam wireless IP cameras provide users flexibility to deploy the cameras to protect their properties and assets. The infrared enables the cameras to work at night or dark times without any constraints, suitable for long British winter.By deploying Swanmesh and HawkCam, security could be garranteed without any compromise.

The cameras can be bought from our online shop.

Surveillance Software Customisation Customisable surveillance software can meet customers’ specific requirements and cooperate with their existing security systems, like access control, to increase work efficiency. Besides, with video analytics the software can help clients make right decision.
Wireless Mesh Network
Secure and High Performance Wireless Mesh Network: SwanMesh

Building on several competition award TSB (Technology Strategy Board) projects and engagements with academics from few leading UK universerties, the wireless mesh network developed by Swanmesh Networks, SwanMesh, is a unique innovative solution to offer secure and high performance wireless networking services to its customers.

SwanMesh’s unique features include:

– SwanMesh is operating on latest IEEE 802.11s stand

– SwanMesh’s operating system is a compact and stable Linux OS with latest kernel 3.0

– SwanMesh’s routing protocol is scalable

– SwanMesh is highly secure. It secures routing using asymmetrical security keys and uses reputation based routing to detect intrusion, as well as securing users’ access to the network.

– SwanMesh adopts a hop-by-hop congestion control scheme. It can increase the transmission speed by up to five times, which is good for video streaming.

– SwanMesh supports wireless VoIP

SwanMesh has other developments that will be implemented into the system, including

– Multipath routing. This is useful in dealing with applications in critical environments.

– Cognitive sensing. SwanMesh could sense the types of environmental signals.

– Interference aware communications. SwanMesh can automatically operate on a channel with less interference.

SwanLinux SwanLinux is our customised Linux operating system for SwanMesh. It’s based on latest Linux Kernel 3.0. Its tiny kernel, only 1.5MB, saves space but provides power to our mesh nodes.